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05 July 2009 @ 10:17 pm
Ryomassu - Come and see the stars with me [One-Shot]  
Title: Come and see the stars with me
Pairing: Ryomassu (Nishikido Ryo x Masuda Takahisa)
Fandom: Johnny’s Entertainment
Words: 3032
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Massu and Ryo have already spend some time together when Ryo asks Massu to come over to his place once again to help him with his clothes, which of course Massu doesn't refuse.
Notes: This is my first time writing NC-17 so I’m not completely sure about it. I wrote this for hotfruits ♥, I hope you like it!
Never thought I’d write a fic with Massu and especially not NC-17, but it’s been a challenge and I actually had fun writing it! Decided to post it on yourhandsdown instead of my own personal journal, so it can stay public. Not betaed (yet). Please enjoy!

It was like this again. Ryo stood in front of a mirror, fitting different hopefully matching outfits. Each time he knew he would meet Massu and the rest of NEWS he found himself locked into his bedroom, searching for good looking clothes all over again. He knew what Massu would say if it didn't match right or if he didn't like the outfit.

He never really cared about Massu and his so called great sense of style. Massu always scolded on him for not wearing something representative as an idol, but Ryo never really bothered, he just wore whatever he liked – until recently. He noticed that he started looking at how Massu dressed and his care for his clothes and bags, which he didn’t even want to put on the ground but had to have its own seat, so that Ryo had to stand next to the table.

In one of Massu’s scolding-moods he stated that Ryo had to come shopping with him, to learn him something about fashion. Ryo knew by then he couldn’t refuse, so they ended up shopping in the fashion districts of Tokyo, together, all day long.

Ryo had never thought it would take so much patience to finally buy something, because every piece of clothing had to be compared with at least three other pieces before a final decision was made, but they both ended up with some exceptionally nice clothes, to Ryo’s big surprise, because Massu mostly ended up with a weird pants with stars or something like that.

After shopping they’d decided to stay together and that night they crashed at Ryo’s apartment, talking till early in the morning, falling asleep exhausted but happily. The next morning they’d woken up with a huge hangover, but none of them complained, it had been too much fun to even consider that.

Since then Ryo had felt different about Massu, they had more fun together and the other members noticed as well that they got along much better than before. So now Ryo found himself being very precise about his clothing, just like Massu. He wanted compliments instead of a disapproving gaze at him.

Finally at work he greeted the other members and smiled at Massu, who first smiled at him but then looked as if he’d smelled something bad.

“What is it, Massu?” Ryo asked and looked down, he surely had made a good combination. He looked up again to Massu, who still hadn’t changed his facial expression. He slowly stood up from the bench he’d been sitting on and walked up to Ryo.

“What’s this?” Massu shook his head in disapproval and pointed at the belt and the shoes. “They don’t go together, at all”

“Eh? Not?” throwing Ryo in confusion. Why didn’t they match?

“Here, wear my shoes, they even go better with it than those shoes! Where did you even get them? I’m so lucky to have an extra pair with me” Massu chattered away, while he still frowned, surprised someone could pick out an outfit like this.

After changing shoes Ryo felt a bit uncomfortable as Massu took off the belt for him, he wondered why he felt a rush of excitement going through his body. But of course he kept silent until Massu finished his new found outfit.

“Done, you look so handsome now,” Massu complimented his own creation.

Ryo smiled shyly, “thanks, I guess I can use some of your advise again”

“Whenever you want. We should take a look into your closet together and try on different sets of clothes so you know what and how to combine,” Massu said cheerfully, he would never leave an opportunity like this to spend time with Ryo and fashion, it sounded like a perfect combination to him.

“Er- sure. You can come over tomorrow night if you want, I have to clean my house first and wash everything,” Ryo answered, he didn’t want Massu to see the mess that was going on in his house right now, he felt blessed that he had the day off tomorrow.


Ryo had spend his whole day off cleaning, washing and getting ready for Massu’s visit. It had been tough to finish everything on time, but in the end he made it just before Massu rang his doorbell. He left Massu in, who had a big smile on his face as usual and showed him how clean his apartment looked.

“Want a drink?” Ryo suggested and walked to his little bar, where he had all kinds of (alcoholic) drinks. It was night and they were together anyway, so a drink wouldn’t do wrong.

“Would love to, I’m thirsty,” Massu answered and looked how Ryo made a mix for him from all kinds of different colored drinks. Massu couldn’t help himself but look at Ryo’s well- muscled arms and shoulders. He knew that his own weren’t bad, but Ryo’s muscles were really something.

After finishing their drinks they went to business, Ryo’s closet. Slowly Ryo opened it and immediately a ton of clothes fell down on them.

“Oops, sorry Massu! I already thought I’d put too much in it, but it seemed to fit,” Ryo said and grinned innocently. Massu smiled and threw the clothes aside.

“You have so much, where to start?” but that didn’t seem to be a problem at all, because Massu being Massu started rummaging in the piles of clothes and in no time at all he had everything organized on color, piece of clothing and a pile of clothes that wasn’t allowed to be worn anymore.

Ryo had turned on the music and silently practiced some dances while he waited for Massu to be finished, he couldn’t help him anyway since he was the problem.

“Hehe, look at that, Ryo. We will have to throw all of that away,” Massu laughed while pointing at too many of Ryo’s favorite clothes, making Ryo stop dancing immediately.

“Are you kidding me? I can’t throw all of that away!” Ryo raised his voice, he certainly wasn’t very happy to see about half of his favorite clothes go away, without giving him a chance to give it a proper goodbye.

“Here, wear some of this instead, wait,” Massu ignored Ryo’s pouting and threw some clothes at him. “After that you can fit some of these” looking at the ground where a lot of different sets were.

Massu decided to sit on the bed and watch Ryo changing into all the clothes.

About a thousand outfits later Ryo let himself fall on the bed, landing behind Massu’s back.

“I’m so tired!” he softly complained. He rolled himself over so that he laid on his stomach instead of his back.

Massu turned off his shoes and sat on the bed while looking at Ryo who looked even more tired than he normally did. Massu felt a bit sorry for him, Ryo most of the time looked sleep-deprived and a bit stressed in his private time.

“Your shoulders look so stiff,” Massu commented on the good looking shoulders that screamed for Massu’s touch. Ryo now wore a lose fit pants and a tank top. “Do you ever go for a massage?”

“No, not that often. Only when Jin’s taking me,” Ryo mumbled while having his head on his arms, his eyes closed, feeling completely comfortable now.

“I can give you one,” Massu suggested and started to warm his hands.

“Sure, I would love to, my shoulders feel stiff indeed,” Ryo answered and didn’t change his position, because he knew that this was a good position to be in for a good massage.

“Er- this may sound strange, but you have to sit normally or I have to go and sit a bit on your back, to give you a good massage,” Massu said and he felt embarrassed by even asking something like that.

“Last one is good,” Ryo whispered shortly, not even bothering to look up at Massu nor to look embarrassed by the position they would be in. Not to mention the rush of excitement he suddenly felt again by the idea of Massu massaging his shoulders and sitting on him in a position like that.

“Wait, let me pull off my tank top, bet that’s easier for you,” Ryo suddenly said and got up a bit to turn it off and laid himself down again.

Massu wasn’t sure what he felt. He liked looking at Ryo like this. Laying ready for him, waiting for him, wanting to be touched.

“Do you have massage oil?” Massu almost didn’t dare asking, but apparently Ryo thought it was a normal question when he told him it was in the bedside table. Massu opened the bedside table and found all sorts of oils in it and picked a red one which said to get warm during massaging.

Massu took his place on Ryo’s body, shivering a little even though it was quite hot in the bedroom. He opened the bottle and put the lid on the bed. He did some of the oil on his hands and some on Ryo’s neck and shoulders, carefully not to make an unexpected movement.

“Are you ready?” Massu asked, as he hesitated to touch Ryo, who just nodded as a sign that he was allowed to continue.

Slowly but certain, Massu started massaging Ryo’s shoulders and neck, now gleaming a bit because of the oil. Under his hands, Massu felt the oil getting warmer the more he massaged. Ryo’s shoulders were so firm, strong and attractive.
Heating it up even more, Massu went down a bit with his hands, massaging more of Ryo’s body then just shoulders and neck, but now also his back and arms.

Ryo started to moan a bit, deriving great pleasure from the warm massage. It had been ages since he had had something that gave him this much excitement and pleasure as this. Massu’s hands felt so good on his body, the oil made it all much warmer. He was glad he laid on his stomach instead of his back.

Ryo being gay wasn’t really a secret, he had known it from when he was about sixteen. Of course he had tried it with girls lots of times, but each time he had missed something, which was slightly embarrassing to tell a girl because she couldn’t help thát, so he never did. He always ended the relation by breaking up with the girl, telling he wasn’t ready for it yet. He had always been shy around girls, so they never were really surprised about it.

The first time he had been with a guy, he immediately knew it felt right. It was something he had never experienced with girls, so he never tried it with them anymore. At first he hadn’t dared to tell anyone, but in the end he got forced by Pi to tell him what was going on. Since then it had been easier for him to tell everybody. He even knew that Massu knew, so he had been somewhat surprised that Massu dared to be this close to him, but it gave him so much joy that he felt relaxed since the moment Massu had started touching him, as if they did it all the time.

When Ryo started to moan a bit, Massu smiled, not bothering that maybe it was because of Ryo’s erotic feelings to it. It at least meant that his massage classes hadn’t been for nothing, he seemed to be pulling it off.

“Try to relax a bit more, Ryo, you still feel a bit tense,” Massu whispered silently in Ryo’s ear, as he bend forward a bit, pressing himself a bit more against Ryo’s body. He felt a struggling Ryo underneath him that tried to relax but felt tense, Massu felt it, too.

“I could give you a full body massage..” Massu said, putting forward his ideas, as he rubbed over Ryo’s back, going lower and lower, to more exciting spots he felt tempted to touch. He felt heat all over and through his body, getting a bit turned on.

Just when he was afraid that Ryo felt his excitement, Ryo got up and rolled them over, throwing Massu on his back and climbing on top of him. Ryo grabbed Massu’s hands and he lowered himself close to Massu, who seemed to be confused.

“Whisper in my ear where you want it to begin,” Ryo said under his breath, he closed his eyes and pressed his lips on Massu’s lips, not even minding if Massu was actually gay and if he actually wanted this. Just a moment ago when Massu had been on top of him, he had felt that Massu got excited too and now it was his turn to make it hot.

He tasted Massu’s red lips and tongue, a taste of sweetness, of the drink they had had before this, it tasted so good that he kissed deeper, harder, wanting. He let go of Massu’s hands and touched the bewildered one underneath him, who got pressed into the bed because of the person on top of him but didn’t protest against the kissing and touching. Ryo straddled Massu’s lap and released his mouth for a moment to catch his breath, taking the time he had to remove Massu’s shirt, exposing a well trained body, making him more lusty.

Ryo brought his lips to Massu’s nipples, teasing on them slightly. Then he licked his way up to the other’s neck and mouth, kissing him again, deep and angled his head so that they could kiss even deeper. Soon, they were both undressed. The music still turned on in the background, now playing sexy tunes as if it was destiny.

They didn’t speak much anymore, they were both taken over by their lust. Ryo broke their kiss to let out a loud moan as he suddenly felt Massu’s hand around his hard cock. He also folded his hands around Ryo’s balls as he started pumping with his other hand. Massu was back in business, recovered from the first shock and was now completely into the game again.

Ryo’s breath hitched as Massu slide his free hand over his heated skin, just having let go of Ryo’s balls and he trembled when Massu held his cock, sliding up and down, making it harder, letting him almost die of pleasure. Slowly, teasing, making Massu wanting to feel more pleasure, he let him stop touching him and lowered his face to Massu’s cock, that stood proudly in the air. Ryo’s breath on Massu’s member was already enough for Massu to ask for more. Ryo smiled, he liked being in a position of power like this, but he gave Massu what he wanted as he softly put his mouth around the cock in front of him, making Massu gasp and growl as he licked the erection, almost shoving it down his throat.

He felt the cock growing and thicken as he slide his tongue on the warm heated skin.

“Fuck me, now,” Massu cried out loud, he couldn’t take it any longer, he wanted it, hard, deep and now. That was where Ryo had been waiting for. “Wait,” he whispered in Massu’s ear as his eyes sparkled from pleasure as he opened the bedroom table and got condoms and lube out of it.
He was careful with the condom around his cock and with the lube on Massu. He opened Massu’s legs and waited there.

“Is this your first time with a man?” Ryo asked him, while stroking the inside of Massu’s legs, keeping the heat up. Massu shook his head, giving Ryo enough information to shove his hard cock in Massu’s entrance without being careful anymore. Massu threw his head back, moaning hard now – not from pain, but from pleasure. While he wrapped his strong legs around Ryo’s waist he pushed his cock even deeper into him, Ryo almost couldn’t take the tightness and heat anymore and tried to get a good rhythm that wouldn’t let him come too soon because he wanted this pleasure to last long. Going in and out with a certain tempo made them both enjoy the depth, while moaning from pleasure.

Ryo bowed down to feel Massu’s warm, sweet lips once more and kept on pounding in him, now completely in rhythm with how their bodies moved, wanting to get even closer, trying to hit that special spot and when he did, Massu cried out loudly. Ryo banged in and out, going over that spot again and again. They both couldn’t hold it any longer and while breaking their kisses to scream from pleasure, they both hit their climaxes hard, Massu arching his back and spilling it all over Ryo.

Ryo silently rest his head on Massu’s chest, feeling more soft than he had ever thought it would, putting an arm around Massu’s upper body. Ryo sniffed Massu’s skin. “Your smell is so attractive,”

Massu smiled a typical Massu-smile as he pressed a kiss on Ryo’s head. “Can we shower together?”

“Sure,” Ryo replied and he softly grabbed Massu’s hand and pulled him upwards from the bed. They kept holding each other’s hands during the shower, washing each other by turns and now and then pressing a sweet kiss on the other.

After showering, eating and getting dressed they both felt unsure. It already was late, but neither of them wanted to be alone, they just wanted to be together now – forever.

“Please stay with me,” Ryo finally spoke after looking into each other’s eyes for a long time, with a loving expression on his face he didn’t knew he could have, but only seemed to be there for Massu. “Forever,”

“I wouldn’t want to have it any other way,” Massu answered and pressed his lips on Ryo’s again, making the butterflies in his stomach fly through his whole body.
He felt a deep love for Ryo he hadn’t felt before, but that was strong and certain, something that would remain forever.

After breaking the kiss, Ryo stroke Massu’s cheek. “Come and see the stars with me,” Ryo whispered softly and held the other’s hand to take him outside into the world where many stars where shining down on them.
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auresaures on July 12th, 2009 11:59 am (UTC)
haha, thank you so much <3